[Announcement] Website Improvements

The website still looks the same, so you might be wondering why it has been down for a while. I’m pleased to announce that our website is back online. During the time it has been under maintenance we have been providing the same top notch customer service that our customers deserve.

Most if not all the changes that were made to our platform were under the hood, you might not see any changes to the website per se, however, you will notice faster performance, we also had to change servers and moved with a new provider. All our services are now hosted under Digital Ocean and customer databases, websites and other services are hosted on their own servers on a per-customer-basis. This will ensure that all the data for the customers is protected and secure.

All our services are hosted in Linux Based Systems and backups images are made for your entire server on a weekly basis. However, nothing stops you from creating your own offline backups on a more frequent basis for an extra layer of security.

We also changed our payment provider and partnered with Wave Apps for our billing and invoice system, and our customer support ticketing system has been upgraded thanks to Sherpa Desk to keep better track of open tickets and provide you with the fastest customer service possible.

You should expect to receive ticket replies within 6 hours during normal business hours, but we will respond within 24 hours to all the customer service ticket requests.


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